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Our commitment to customer service allows us to address these daily requirements. However, it also entails understanding that specialized chemical process equipment requires:
  • Knowledge of the mechanical and corrosion damage mechanisms that impact equipment reliability.
  • Using specialized tools and procedures to examine for these types of damage.
  • Having knowledgeable and committed personnel who know our customers' equipment history and safety requirements.
 inspections services
services overview
engineering inspections
For operators of plants and facilities in sectors such as oil and gas and power/energy, inspection and verification of steam boilers, unfired pressure vessels and pipelines, engineering inspections is a mandatory process.

technical Personal services
technical personnel
Your facilities can benefit from our multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified inspection engineers, who can provide mandatory inspection services as well as independent third party inspection, verification and endorsement.
NDT inspections
ndt inspections
An inspections where the component, system or process is certified safe for use. NDT failure to provide accurate information about the status of the quality of components, systems or processes that are tested can lead to accidents that ended with damage to property and loss of life.

quality assurance
quality assurance
To provide Third Party Inspection services (Implementation, monitoring, auditing and review of procedures, certification, reporting etc.)