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SYAZLY SYAH BIN KAMARUDIN : Had over 13 years experience in inspection, quality control, maintenance and construction of oil and gas refineries, petrochemical plant and offshore platform. Hold various technical and professional qualifications in welding and inspection.
  • Authorized Inspector for API 510–Pressure Vessel (
  • Authorized Inspector for API 570 – Process Piping (Cert. no 30600).
  • Authorized Inspector for API 653 – Storage Tank (Cert. no 31294).
  • Welding Inspector PCN Level 2. Cert no:F005S3920421.
  • Site Coating Inspector (BGAS-CSWIP) Cert no:BG 135073.
  • Eddy Current Inspection (MLVK Level 1).
  • Painting Inspector Level 1 (ICORR ). Cert. no:C 1612.
SYAHRUZ HAFIZ BIN KAMARUDIN : Had over 2 year experience in Non Destructive Test  and inspection activities with qualification in Radiography Test, Dye Penetrant Test (DPT), Magnetic Particle Test (MPT)
  • MLVK LEVEL I - Radiography Testing,
  • ASNT Level 2 RT,
  • ASNT Level 2 MPT,
  • ASNT Level 2 DPT
why us?
what we offered:
Offering services to the refineries and petrochemical plants entails meeting their shutdown and every day emergency requirements. Our commitment to customer service allows us to address these daily requirements. However, it also entails understanding that specialized chemical process equipment requires
Knowledge of the mechanical and corrosion damage mechanisms that impact equipment reliability.
Specialized Tools
Using specialized tools and procedures to examine for these types of damage.
Having knowledgeable and committed personnel who know our customers' equipment history and safety requirements.